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Firstly, grab your affiliate link. You can promote with JVZoo:

To promote with JVZoo, please click here to apply to the affiliate program
     > NOTE: You will need at least 50 sales to be approved for "Instant" commissions <

We have provided template emails below, but the best affiliate promotions are "personalized", so please review the sales letter (here) & mix your own personal thoughts with our proven emails...

SALES LETTER: To preview the sales letter simply click here

AFFILIATE TITAN 2 PRODUCT: To preview the entire Affiliate Titan 2 product, you will need to email me at chris@theteetitan.com to be given private product access. NOTE: Please provide information about yourself and how you intend to promote, to ensure I give you product access.

We have tested over 50 subject headers and these 10 got the highest clicks and open rates.
Mix and match these subject lines with the emails below for maximum commissions!

The next step is to take our proven email swipes and start blasting!

IMPORTANT: We have separated our emails into 2 sections, the first relates to "general Internet marketing" lists (lists who are unlikely to have done affiliate marketing before).

Then the second set of emails are for affiliate lists (people who already know about affiliate marketing, have bought other affiliate products before etc).

I suggest you review BOTH sets of emails, and pick the one that works for you.

IMPORTANT: You can send the emails out in any order, but we advise you to send them in the order presented (so email 1 is your first email, then email 2 etc)

VERY IMPORTANT: We highly recommend you check out the sales page to help customize and write your own unique email swipe for MAXIMUM commissions.

Do you have a "general" IM list on JVZoo or ClickBank?

If so, your list may not really have heard of affiliate marketing, and so we suggest you choose one of these emails (remember to pick one of the above subject headers):

* CLOSE * Email for Thursday/Friday *
NOTE: if you have sent out at least one email for Affiliate Titan 2 before Friday,
I highly recommend you start pushing the limited/scarcity angle HARD
& focus on how the price increases permanently on Friday. This email is perfect for that:




If you have a "affiliate" list that knows about affiliate marketing, grab one of these swipes. Remember to choose one of the top performing email subject headers above...

Email #2:


Email #3: