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Firstly, grab your affiliate link. You can promote with JVZoo:

To promote with JVZoo, please click here to apply to the affiliate program
     > NOTE: You will need at least 50 sales to be approved for "Instant" commissions <

We have provided template emails below, but the best affiliate promotions are "personalized", so please preview the TT2 sales letter (here - TT3 sales letter coming soon) & mix your own personal thoughts with our proven emails...

TRAFFIC TITAN 3 PRODUCT: To preview the entire Traffic Titan 3 product, you will need to email me at chris@theteetitan.com to be given private product access. NOTE: Please provide information about yourself and how you intend to promote, to ensure I give you product access.

The next step is to take our proven email swipes and start blasting!

IMPORTANT: You can send the emails out in any order, but we advise you to send them in the order presented (so email 1 is your first email, then email 2 etc)



Email #5 (Short Curiosity Builder):


Email #6 (Good Solid Email)


CLOSE Email - blast this thursday/friday