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JVZoo Affiliate? This Changes


Chris & Ken Here...

Since 2006, we've sold $20 million+ of digital products on ClickBank...

We made our JVZoo debut, with our T-Shirt Titan softwares.

T-Shirt Titan sold 7,000 units across the funnel, with over 100+ testimonials, then...

The Video Titan series sold over 11,000 units and converted above 10% for 9 of our top 10 affiliates ..

The Affiliate Titan series sold over 13,000 units (now one of JVZoo's top 25 all-time sellers)...

Zen Titan, sold over 11,000 units (with multiple POTDs and 3 days as JVZoo #1)...

Traffic Titan sold over 15,000 units (with over 30 affiliates earning 150-200% commissions)...

Resell Titan 1 & 2 sold over 10,000 units (with multiple POTDs and 5 days as JVZoo #1)...

And in total, our "Titan" series have now sold well over 90,000 units and counting!!

So we're really excited to launch Resell Titan 2 to the market...

Resell Titan 2.0 includes 5 Softwares in the front-end:

If you have an "SEO", "Affiliate Marketing", "Amazon", "ClickBank" or "JVZoo" list, you will REALLY want to promote this.

And, even if your list is general "ecommerce", or "traffic" or "IM" or "video", they will still want in on this.

So, please sign up (sales pitch and demo video coming soon).

It's time to switch up the Internet marketing game for 2018 and beyond...

Resell Titan 2.0 Launches Monday September 3rd

Why Should You Promote Resell Titan 2.0?

100-200% Commissions!

ALL the Titan offers convert at 20%+. Let's make this another JVZoo #1.

Earn $200 Per Sale

Expect a rock-solid funnel, focused on customer value.

Your Customers

Give them a $1,000 product
for a fraction of the cost

Lifetime reciprocation

We consistently hit top 1-3 on leaderboards!

12+ JVZoo POTDs

12 consecutive JVZoo #1 & POTDs. Lets make this #13

4 Softwares In ONE

The ultimate opportunity:
automated & explained .

5 Softwares. Earn 100-200% !

Earn 100-200% With JVZoo (Launch Only)

Promote Resell Titan 2.0 with JVZoo

You will promote with JVZoo (you will get paid via Paypal). Sign up to the JV list for your affiliate link.

We are paying 100% to 200% on the front-end. Sign up to qualify for the extra 100% free commissions

You must have 100+ sales for "instant" commission.

Commission bumps - earn 200%!

By default, the F/E commission is set at 100% (and 50% across the upsells) but you can earn much more..

Simply sell more than 10 units to earn 150%. Sell 20 to earn 200% FE commissions!

Resell Titan 2.0 Launches Monday September 3rd